Ecofriend began its activity in 2002 and became a pioneer in development and manufacturing of natural based ecological cleaning products in Israel.

Our goal is to help creating a greener and healthier world by increasing the awareness for the importance of guarding the environment together with the health of all.

Intensive efforts and trials brought us to create a line of very high efficiency, naturally biodegradable plant based cleaning agents, using natural and renewable resources.

Surfactants are the main active ingredient in detergents. Commonly, surfactants are made from petroleum-based sources, which helps polluting the environment.

Our cleaning products are environmentally safe, based on vegetarian components, such as Orange extracts, Coconut oil, Pine oil, Soybean oil, Olive oil, vegetable Alcohol, sugar based active soap, plant-based acids, vegetable fatty acids, essential oils, Oxygen and a small addition of naturals minerals and salts.

Our products are free of Petro-chemicals ingredients, heavy metals, sodium chloride, chlorine, and inorganic acids (hydrochloric, phosphoric, sulfuric, and more).

We use only natural preservatives that are completely biodegradable and safe for the environment.

We are an animal’s friends – our products are vegan friendly.

All our products are vegan friendly ever since we started developing and manufacturing our first product in 2002.

We do not believe in testing on our animal friends. It also means that we do not use any animal or insect-derived substances in any of our products.

Our products have approved in compliance of EU 648/2004 standard.

Ecofriend manufactures its products with committing to following issues:

  • Our products contain only natural safe ingredients for environment, human and animal, based on biodegradable plant and minerals.
  • The manufacturing of our products, as well as our raw materials, are all made of natural and renewable sources and are environmentally safe and energy savings.
  • All our packages are made of recyclable materials and we recycle by ourselves refilling packages.
  • Our products do not contaminate the soil, water resources and sea water.
  • The prices of our products are competitive with common ordinary products, to provide accessibility of ecological products to all.
  • The company is contributing the community by being helped in manufacturing and packaging in by a special people.
  • Our factory employees are both Israelis and Palestinians, Jews and Muslims, working together shoulder to shoulder, fulfilling the vision of peace and friendship between all peoples.
  • We are employing men and women as equals in our factory.

Aiming to reduce toxicity of our products as much as possible, we are using only natural incredibly low irritating ingredients in our products

Being the best means performing toxicity inspections to our products by method complying with drinking water quality tests. In through inspections we are compering our products to leading products of leading companies worldwide. The results for time being shows that our products are significantly less toxic then other ecological products of leading international companies, there for our products are much safer for environment and for users, as well as in storage.

The natural resources of our products reduce and even prevent most of allergic reactions that occurs with the use of ordinary cleaning products based on Petro-chemical ingredients.

We are investing in researching and development of new and improved product, both to improve its efficiency and ecological quality

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